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Welcome to SodaPop

The Simple Online Data Archive for Population Studies

What is SodaPop?

The Simple Online Data Archive for Population Studies is the Population Research Institute's data archive.

Datasets are arranged in collections by title. Within each collection, users may view descriptive information including links to abstracts and originating agencies or investigators; search the content of each collection for relevant variables; search across collections for variables; view accompanying electronic documentation; and finally, extract for download a personally tailored analysis-ready subset of a data collection in a format of their choosing -  SAS, Stata, or SPSS dataset and comma or tab delimited format.

How do I use SodaPop?

Click the data collections tab to see a complete list of data collections in SodaPop.

To limit by topic or access (public, Penn State only, or PRI only), or to search by variables or keywords, click the explore tab.

Once you've located a data collection, a second set of tabs provides access to the description, search functions, and downloads for data and documentation.

The sodapopnews box on the right provides updates about new data releases, updated files, and more.

Click the help tab for more detailed help.

Why was it developed and how is it maintained?

The Population Research Institute (PRI) has an existing library of data on its networks and on CD-ROM. 

Population data sources are often extremely large and cumbersome to use, some are bound by obsolete proprietary software, and many are released without the associated programs needed to read the data into a statistical package such as SPSS, SAS, or Stata. 

The programming team at PRI developed the SodaPop system as a means to prepare popular datasets from the PRI's existing data holdings in an analysis-ready format.

SodaPop alleviates the need for advanced programming and UNIX navigation skills. 

SodaPop makes as much data as possible available to the research community. While we are unable to distribute some data to anyone except PRI-affiliated researchers, most of our data collections are accessible to the entire Penn State community, and many are also publicly available. Anyone can use our data description pages, resource links, and variable search.

SodaPop identifies data containing geographic identifiers, making it easier to locate contextual variables for your research.

SodaPop has grown rapidly over the last few years due to the collaborative efforts of PRI's Information, Geographic Information Analysis and Data, Programming & Statistics Cores to ensure that existing data collections are current, and that relevant new collections are added.


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