Causes of Death File Information, by State for 1983 to 2006

by Steve Maczuga, sam21 @


The Population Research Institute (PRI) is currently evaluating the SODAPOP service. The ability to extract a data set containing a subset of variables will not be supported after September 15, 2016.

The data collections in SODAPOP will still be available from the PRI. If you should have concerns about this change to the SODAPOP service or need to access some of the data, contact the PRI's Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) core at

During the past 25 years or so the Multiple Cause of Death Files produced
by the Center for Disease Control have changed. The number of causes of death increased
in 1999 to 358 from 282. In 2005 and 2006, no publically available data exists for state
location of each death. That is my reasoning for spliting these searches into 3 separate web pages.

1983 to 1998

1999 to 2004

2005 to 2006