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Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)


The Population Research Institute (PRI) is currently evaluating the SODAPOP service. The ability to extract a data set containing a subset of variables will not be supported after September 15, 2016.

The data collections in SODAPOP will still be available from the PRI. If you should have concerns about this change to the SODAPOP service or need to access some of the data, contact the PRI's Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) core at

STIPULATIONS FOR USE: Access restricted to Penn State PRI researchers. You need to REGISTER to use the data. To register, complete the request form linked below and be sure provide the Data Archivist with a research project title and a description of your proposed analysis. You MUST gain access to the data on PopNet through the PRI Data Compliance Officer.

Request Form

DESCRIPTION: Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)are nationally-representative household surveys that provide data for a wide range of monitoring and impact evaluation indicators in the areas of population, health, and nutrition. 

WHY ACCESS THE DATA THROUGH SODAPOP? Data files from Measure DHS have problems that include duplicate variables, implied decimal places, and program coding errors. SodaPop programmers have identified these problems and corrected them. This eliminates the need for users to identify and correct errors themselves. 

Measure DHS - DHS Publications - Surveys and Methodology
Build customized tables from hundreds of DHS surveys and indicators with the MEASURE DHS STATcompiler

DHS data are now available through the Minnesota Population Center's (MPC) Integrated Demographic and Health Series Registered DHS dataset users can create customized, pre-merged datasets. The current IDHS database includes over 1200 integrated variables related to women of childbearing age and incorporates data from 39 samples and 9 countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

Country Data by Region:

Central Asia

Kazakhstan Kyrgyz Republic Uzbekistan

South and Southeast Asia

Bangladesh Cambodia India Indonesia Maldives
Nepal Pakistan Philippines Sri Lanka Thailand
Timor-Leste Vietnam

North Africa/West Asia/Europe

Albania Armenia Azerbaijan Egypt Jordan Moldova
Morocco Tunisia Turkey Ukraine Yemen

Sub-Saharan Africa

Angola Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Central African Republic
Cameroon Chad Comoros Congo (Brazzaville) Congo Democratic Republic
Cote d'Ivoire Ethiopia Gabon Ghana Guinea
Kenya Lesotho Liberia Madagascar Malawi
Mali Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria
Nigeria (Ondo State) Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Sierra Leone
South Africa Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo
Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe



Latin America and Caribbean

Bolivia Brazil Colombia Dominican Republic Ecuador
El Salvador Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras
Mexico Nicaragua Paraguay Peru Trinidad and Tobago