National Survey of Fertility Barriers - NSFB
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The Population Research Institute (PRI) is currently evaluating the SODAPOP service. The ability to extract a data set containing a subset of variables will not be supported after September 15, 2016.

The data collections in SODAPOP will still be available from the PRI. If you should have concerns about this change to the SODAPOP service or need to access some of the data, contact the PRI's Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) core at

 To extract variables into a custom SAS file, comma delimited or tab
delimited file:

Click on the data set name


Wave 1 Public -- 2009 zipped file (SAS format program)

Appendix A_Proposal.pdf

Appendix B_Letter 4.pdf

Appendix C_Main Frequencies.pdf

Appendix C_Main Interview Schedule.pdf

Appendix C_Partner Frequencies.pdf

Appendix C_Partner Interview Schedule.pdf

Appendix C_Main Frequencies.pdf

Appendix D_Planned Missing Design.pdf

Appendix E_ Response Rate Formulas and Calculations.pdf

Appendix F_SRC Interviewer Guide.pdf

Appendix F_UNL Interviewer Guide.pdf

Appendix H_ Constructed Variables Glossary with Syntax.pdf

Appendix I_List of Variables.pdf

Appendix J_Comparison with Select External Measures.pdf

Appendix K_Imputation.pdf

NSFB methodology report 4-09.doc