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Puerto Rican Maternal and Infant Health Study (PRMIHS)


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DESCRIPTION: The Puerto Rican Maternal and Infant Health Study (PRMIHS) is a cross-sectional study designed to provide information on the determinants of poor infant health among Puerto Ricans. The PRMIHS entailed collection of personal interview data from 2,763 mothers of Puerto Rican infants sampled from the 1994 and 1995 birth and infant death records of six U.S. vital statistics reporting areas (Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania) and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The included U.S. states are those with the greatest number of births to Puerto Rican women each year. In 1994 and 1995, 72.3% of all births to mainland Puerto Rican women occurred in the included states.

The primary funding agency was the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Funds were also provided by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control. The data were collected by the Institute for Survey Research at Temple University under a subcontract from The Population Research Institute, The Pennsylvania State University.

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Nancy Landale (The Pennsylvania State University)

R. Salvador Oropesa (The Pennsylvania State University)

Ana Luisa Davila (University of Puerto Rico)

DATA DISSEMINATED BY: Population Research Institute, The Pennsylvania State University


BIBLIOGRAPHIC CITATION: Landale, Nancy S., R. Salvador Oropesa, and Ana Luisa Davila. The Puerto Rican Maternal and Infant Health Study [Computer file]. Principal investigators, Nancy S. Landale and R. Salvador Oropesa, Pennsylvania State University, and Ana Luisa Davila, University of Puerto Rico. University Park, PA: Penn State Population Research Institute [producer and distributor], 2000.

WHY ACCESS THE DATA THROUGH PRI/SODAPOP: This is an original Penn State study and data are only available from the Population Research Institute via SodaPop.